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Aluvia Marlene Astrid

  M.A., B.S., R.M.T.*

Our Self identify, which is ‘who we know ourselves to be’, plays an essential role in our ability to experience amazement and the joy of Life.  When we know and live as our most wise, loving, compassionate and Creative Self, we experience the pleasure of being alive.

Essential Bodywork is an alternative Healing Practice which fosters the recognition of this larger, balanced and intuitive Self.  Aluvia will help you to discern and nurture the gifts, talents and abilities that abide in the core of your true being, your Essence. Through the use of high sense perception (HSP) and hands-on healing skills, she works with the energy consciousness of the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual light bodies, as well as of the physical body, to facilitate healing and Self realization.

Aluvia provides education for self-healing, particular to your unique needs.  In addition to personal support, she can identify and support the healing of unfulfilling relationship patterns in partnerships, families or groups.

About Equine Healing:  Aluvia can work with you and your horse to foster a more effective partnership.  Identifying and resolving misunderstandings and unfulfilling dynamics can bring more pleasure and healing to both you and your horse.   (Aluvia is not a riding instructor.)

 *Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.)

  Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (B.H.S.P)


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